24 November, 2023

Milestones in Orbit: Two Years of Pléiades Neo Success

Two years have passed since the Geoimage team celebrated the commercial launch of Pléiades Neo on November 2, 2021. The launches, occurring in April and August of that year, marked a significant achievement for Airbus Intelligence, paving the way for unprecedented opportunities for our customers, especially in high-resolution imaging.

These exceptional satellites have remained steadfast in delivering on their promises, consistently offering a higher volume of data with reduced latency. This capability empowers us to serve a wide range of market needs and address the continually escalating inquiries of our customers.

Leveraging the constellation, Geoimage hasn't just provided 30cm very high-resolution imagery solutions but has also produced tri-stereo 50cm Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with Tri-Stereo capability, elevating the accuracy of DEM production. Moreover, incorporating the 6 multispectral bands has enhanced our capacity for spectral analysis and machine learning applications.

A product that has recently sparked significant interest is the 15cm HD capability derived from Pléiades Neo's 30cm, providing sharper details, and enabling improved visual rendering, comparable to the quality of aerial imagery.

Congratulations to our partner Airbus on reaching such a significant milestone, and the Geoimage team extends their best wishes to Airbus and the Pléiades Neo constellation for many more years of success. 

Pléiades Neo in Numbers

  • Spatial Resolution: 30cm, incorporating 6 spectral bands with an accuracy of 3.5m CE90 (better with control).
  • Available Acquisitions: The public catalogue currently offers 685,000 acquisitions, covering approximately 350 million km².
  • Monthly Captures: Generating around 30,000 images per month, equating to coverage of about 15-17 million km².
  • Tasking Capacity: The constellation manages 30 tasking plans daily, ensuring true daily revisit capability over any location on Earth.
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