15 January, 2024

Geoimage announces new partnership with ISI

ImageSat International (ISI), a leading provider of innovative space-based intelligence solutions, and Geoimage, a leading independent specialist in satellite imagery and geospatial solutions, are pleased to announce a new partnership.

For the past two decades, ISI has earned the trust of the world's most exacting defence and intelligence entities, continuously advancing technological proficiency, while redefining the methods of extracting Earth intelligence from space. 

The EROS NG™ constellation stands as one of the globe's most formidable intelligence-collection assets, featuring six ultra-high-performance satellites. EROS-C3 is one of the world’s most capable earth observation satellites, with ultra-high 30cm-resolution imagery and superb image quality. The satellite is operated in a mid-inclination orbit, resulting in a high revisit rate and diverse imaging time, empowering its users with unmatched mission capabilities.

Simon Greig, the Sales Manager at Geoimage, shared his perspective on this recent partnership, stating, “The ability to capture multispectral data (Red, Green, Blue and NIR) at 60cm resolution represents a significant advancement, allowing for spectral analysis at a level unmatched by our existing satellite portfolio. This breakthrough holds great promise for various industries, including agriculture, environmental monitoring, and mining.”

ISI Chief Marketing Officer, Barak Solomin stated, “We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Geoimage, a leader in the Australian commercial geospatial domain. As part of our business strategy, we are expanding our presence in the commercial market, and leveraging the technology and know-how we’ve developed over the last 25 years, serving our defence & security customers.

I am certain that the unmatched quality of our 30cm-resolution EROS-C3 satellite, combined with Geoimage’s products and expertise, will allow us to deliver innovative, high-quality products. Together, we are dedicated to improving Earth intelligence from space even further, opening exciting opportunities for a variety of industries."

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