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Geoimage excels in processing vast satellite data daily. For high-resolution basemaps in your GIS, opt for Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) - efficient, instant imagery without infrastructure hassle.

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Unleash the potential of satellite imagery streaming

Satellite imagery poses a significant challenge in terms of computer storage requirements. The size of a typical image file varies considerably, ranging from a few gigabytes to several terabytes. This variation depends on factors such as the scope of your area of interest (AOI), the spatial resolution of the imaging, and the number of bands collected.

When dealing with these sizeable files, it's crucial to consider both storage and accessibility. Do you possess enough computer memory (RAM) to efficiently view and analyse these potentially enormous files?

An elegant and straightforward solution to this challenge is the adoption of streaming data. Geoimage employs lossless compression to minimise the image file's size, preserving all the information in the process. Subsequently, we host these compressed files on our dedicated image servers.

What this translates to for you is secure access to your satellite imagery without the need to be concerned about the capabilities of your computing hardware.

Geoimage utilises the international (OGC) data standard to stream imagery in the following formats:

  1. Web Map Service (WMS)
  2. Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  3. We also extend support for the Esri ArcGIS Online format.

For optimal performance, we recommend utilising WMTS. WMTS utilises image tiles, typically sized at 256 x 256 pixels. These tiles are requested by your GIS client directly from our image server. Your client only requests the specific tiles required to display on your screen, no more, no less. Therefore, instead of storing a massive file locally, you can access your satellite imagery seamlessly at any time, without placing any strain on your local computer storage.

Please refer to the table below to compare streaming imagery with the alternative of loading large files into your GIS

Consideration Image file WMTS
Performance Need sufficient RAM to load the image file, could be several GBs or larger. Tiles are only a few Kb in size so the minimal impact on RAM.
Storage Requires storage for the files. Depending on how large an area and the resolution of the imagery this could be GB to TB required. Requires no local storage.
Internet access Requires no Internet access. Requires Internet access, however, even low bandwidth access will give reasonable performance because the data packets are so small.
Backups Double the storage requirements if you need to keep a backup of the data. Backups are taken care of, providing confidence in service.
Sovereignty N/A Geoimage has its own dedicated servers located in Queensland ensuring your data is protected under Australian law.
Accessibility N/A No limit on the number of clients that can access the imagery - simply distribute a unique URL.
Security N/A Your data can only be accessed via a unique URL and the login credentials unique to your account.