Spectral Analysis

Satellites use diverse wavelengths to reveal unseen wonders. Multispectral/hyperspectral imagery provides valuable insights for vegetation, minerals, and more.

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Revealing the unseen: Multispectral and hyperspectral imagery across the electromagnetic spectrum

Satellites play a crucial role in expanding our vision and revealing unseen wonders. By capturing imagery in various wavelengths, including red, green, blue, near-infrared, shortwave infrared, and hyperspectral ranges, satellites enable us to "see" what would otherwise remain invisible to us.

Through spectral analysis, we delve into the diverse wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from blue (~400 μm) to near-, mid-, and long-range infrared. Each wavelength tells a unique story, providing valuable insights into man-made materials, rock types, minerals, plant species, and much more. These types of imagery, known as multispectral and/or hyperspectral imagery, contain multiple spectral bands, forming a rich tapestry of information.

The more bands we have, the more solutions and answers we can uncover. By venturing beyond the visual perspective and exploring the NIR, SWIR, and TIR bands, we gain access to the hidden spectra of the data. This opens up exciting possibilities, such as species of vegetation identification, mineral mapping, and disturbance monitoring.

Unlocking valuable insights: Explore our spectral packages

At Geoimage, we offer off-the-shelf spectral packages designed to help you find answers without the hassle of processing the raw data. Here are some of our featured packages.

Geoimage Spectral Suite (clay mineralogy focused)

Uncover valuable insights about the ground, particularly related to clay and gold alteration minerals. This suite includes image enhancements and ratios tailored to your needs.

Landsat 8 Spectral Suite (clay mineralogy focused)

Leverage the power of Landsat 8 imagery to gain a deeper understanding of clay mineralogy and related phenomena.

NDVI and Red Edge Products (vegetation health and vegetation ratios)

Evaluate the health and ratios of vegetation using NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) and Red Edge products.

Lithium Spectral Suite (with specialist in-house geologist interpretation)

Explore the potential for lithium detection and interpretation, guided by our team of expert geologists.

In addition to these packages, we offer a range of services and use cases to cater to your specific needs

Geological interpretation: Gain insights into geological features and formations using advanced spectral analysis techniques.

Invasive species/weed detection and monitoring: Identify and monitor the spread of invasive species or weeds for effective management.

Mangrove classification: Analyse mangrove habitats and track changes in their distribution for conservation purposes.

Methane detection: Detect and monitor methane emissions for environmental and industrial applications.

Lithium detection: Assess lithium deposits and potential mining sites using specialised spectral analysis.

Flood mapping: Create accurate flood maps to support disaster management and mitigation efforts.

Rooftop material identification: Identify the materials used in rooftops for urban planning and infrastructure maintenance.

Urban heat mapping: Analyse the heat distribution in urban areas to optimise energy consumption and urban planning.

Disturbance monitoring: Monitor and assess the impact of disturbances, such as deforestation or land development, on ecosystems.

Gas leak detection and monitoring: Identify and monitor gas leaks in industrial settings for safety and environmental compliance.

Fire detection: Detect and track wildfires to support firefighting efforts and minimise their impact.

Marine vessel/harbour management and monitoring: Monitor vessel traffic and manage harbour activities for improved maritime safety and security.

Algae bloom detection and monitoring: Identify and track algal blooms to protect aquatic ecosystems and water quality.

Discover the boundless potential of spectral analysis

Geoimage offers convenient off-the-shelf spectral packages tailored to unlock valuable insights for you. Say goodbye to the complexities of processing raw data - our solutions are designed to make finding answers a hassle-free experience.

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