Pléiades Neo

Pléiades Neo consists of two satellites with enhanced imagery, optimised tasking, and a wide range of applications in earth observation, mapping, and analytics.

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Technical Specifications

ProviderAirbus Defence and Space
Resolution30cm GSD
Swath width14 km at nadir
Accuracy3.5m CE90 at nadir
BandsPanchromatic: 450-800 nm 
Deep Blue: 400-450 nm 
Blue: 450-520 nm 
Green: 530-590 nm 
Red: 620-690 nm 
Red Edge: 700-750 
Near-infrared: 770-880 nm
Stereo availableYes - Stereo and Tri-Stereo
Coverage500 million km² per day per satellite


Airbus' Pléiades Neo, an advanced optical constellation, consists of two identical 30cm resolution satellites launched in 2021. This constellation offers very high-resolution and twice-daily imaging capabilities, ensuring continuity and improved performance to meet the requirements of tomorrow's applications. The satellites are phased on the same orbit, with an optimised and smart-tasking system, laser communication link, and improved weather forecast management, allowing for unprecedented image quality and reactivity.

Pléiades Neo has numerous applications in urban observation, land use monitoring, machine learning datasets, large-scale mapping projects, and advanced analytics.


Highest commercial resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation.


Ultimate reactivity for last-minute tasking requests and rapid delivery.


Improved weather forecast for better acquisition success rate.

Features and Benefits

  • Precision with advanced accurate geolocation. Improved acquisition success rate.
  • Enhanced reactivity for rapid delivery on last-minute tasking requests.
  • High-resolution imagery at 30cm.
  • Each satellite adds half a million km² of 30cm imagery per day to the Airbus catalogue.
  • 50cm Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with Tri-Stereo capability allowing for more accurate DEM production.
  • 6 multispectral bands which are ideal for spectral analysis and machine learning.

Sample Images

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