07 December, 2023

CRC TiME Releases a Comprehensive Report on Mine Closure

The CRC TiME (Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies) has just released its latest report, "Enabling Mine Closure and Transitions: Opportunities for Australian Industry". This report delves into opportunities for Australian businesses to offer solutions and services that assist the mining sector in tackling closure challenges. Supported by economic analysis and extensive stakeholder engagement, it aims to achieve the best possible social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

During discussions held at multiple mining forums this year, the topic of mine closure has surfaced as a significant focal point. This complex challenge is not expected to diminish anytime soon; rather, it will progressively impact industry, governments, and communities. The CRC TiME report, which was developed in consultation with over 60 industry and government agencies, adeptly addresses the various challenges and potential solutions related to mine closure.

Mark Covington, General Manager of Geoimage commented, “It’s great to see the conversation around mine closure gaining traction and a light being shone on the potential investment opportunities that legacy mine sites can provide, rather than viewing them solely as a liability. This report has a broad scope and provides relevant information in a well-structured format that makes it easy for readers across many disciplines to access.”

Geoimage is proud to have contributed content to the report on the use of remote sensing technologies and the role we can play in monitoring closed mines. Optical, hyperspectral, and radar are all tools that can be readily applied to closed mine sites to monitor structural stability, erosion, leaching of toxic materials, and monitoring vegetation growth. The economics and safety aspects of using satellites over mines in remote areas can certainly provide confidence and high-value information to all stakeholders involved in mine closure programs.

As Australia progresses towards more sustainable and ethical mining, the partnerships and advancements outlined in this report pave the way for a more promising and socially conscious future for both the mining industry and affected communities.

Handlebar Hill 2023
Handlebar Hill 2016

Above: Satellite imagery of Handlebar Hill Mine in Queensland, displaying mine rehabilitation progress between 2016 and 2023. © Airbus DS (2016) / © Airbus DS (2023).

You can find more information and download the full report here.

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