06 April, 2023

Geoimage appoints new Senior Remote Sensing Specialist

Geoimage is pleased to announce the appointment of Atefeh Sansoleimani as the company’s new Senior Remote Sensing Specialist. With over a decade of experience in remote sensing, GIS, and Economic Geology, Atefeh brings valuable expertise and knowledge to the Geoimage team.

Currently, Atefeh is in the final year of her Ph.D. program in Remote Sensing at the University of Queensland. She also possesses a Master of Science degree in Geosciences and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Throughout her doctoral studies, she has held various roles in mineral exploration, including Economic Geologist, Remote Sensing Specialist, and GIS Specialist, acquiring a diverse set of skills.

Geoimage’s newly appointed Senior Remote Sensing Specialist Atefeh Sansoleimani.
Geoimage’s newly appointed Senior Remote Sensing Specialist Atefeh Sansoleimani.

As the Senior Remote Sensing Specialist at Geoimage, Atefeh will concentrate on enhancing the company’s remote sensing capabilities and offering hyperspectral imagery solutions to clients. Geoimage is among the early adopters of Pixxel, a startup that provides 5m hyperspectral data globally. Geoimage is excited about the possibilities of spectral data in various industries such as exploration, vegetation mapping, and identifying materials in the built environment. Atefeh will play a pivotal role in realising the untapped potential of spectral data.

“Atefeh has experience using spectral data for successfully identifying gold and copper exploration targets in the Middle East and her PhD thesis is focussed on the geomorphology of the Great Barrier Reef, which has produced some surprising results. Atefeh’s blend of industry and research experience will be a fantastic complement to the team’s existing expertise.” said Geoimage General Manager, Mark Covington.

Atefeh commenced her role as Senior Remoting Sensing Specialist on Monday, 3 April 2023.

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