16 December, 2020

15cm HD imagery: The highest clarity imagery available

Maxar's 15cm HD imagery offers the most precise imagery available from any commercial satellite. Utilising their exclusive high-definition technology on original 30cm satellite imagery, 15cm HD imagery enables enhanced information extraction, leading to greater insights and improved decision-making capabilities.

Maxar collects approximately 680,000 square kilometres of 30 cm imagery every day, resulting in a large archive that can be used to generate 15 cm HD imagery. The launch of WorldView Legion in 2023 will triple the capacity to collect 30 cm imagery, resulting in a significant expansion of Maxar's native content. This increase in collection capacity will open up new opportunities for providing 15 cm HD imagery, enabling the development of new monitoring, mapping, and AI/ML products and services.

15cm HD imagery
15cm HD significantly expands the level of detail, maximizing the ability to see smaller features that can be gathered from satellite imagery.

Benefits of using 15cm HD imagery

  • Highest clarity imagery: Currently, 15cm HD imagery is the highest level of clarity achievable among commercial imagery sources.
  • Reduced in-field inspections: The utilisation of 15cm HD imagery reduces the necessity for in-field inspections, which helps safeguard assets and personnel.
  • Monitoring and identifying changes: With 15cm HD imagery, it becomes possible to monitor and identify changes occurring over time in critical areas, including high-value assets.
  • New insights into remote locations: 15cm HD imagery provides fresh insights into remote locations that were previously inaccessible or lacked proper documentation.
  • Easily applicable: The application of 15cm HD imagery is seamless, as it can be used on a vast quantity of archived and recently captured imagery. Maxar captures over 680,000 square kilometres of 30cm imagery on a daily basis.
  • Improved imagery cadence: The launch of the WorldView Legion satellite constellation with 30cm resolution in late 2023 will enhance the frequency of imagery capture.
  • Better clarity for machine learning: 15cm HD imagery offers superior clarity, enabling machine learning algorithms to extract more meaningful information effectively.
  • Verification of features: 15cm HD imagery has the capability to verify features as small as light poles, road signs, cars, and infrastructure conditions.
15cm HD imagery
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