SpaceEye-T (Coming Soon in 2024 / 2025)

SpaceEye-T is a high-resolution earth observation satellite manufactured by Satrec Initiative (SI) capable of 30cm imagery. SpaceEye-T is due to launch between the first quarter of 2024 and 2025.

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Technical Specifications

Resolution0.3m panchromatic 
1.2m multispectral
Swath width14km Swath Width
Bands1 panchromatic
4 multispectral
Stereo availablesingle pass multi-stereo


SpaceEye-T is a high-performance commercial earth observation satellite, developed by Satrec Imitative group with 100% of owned technology and capital. This satellite has the capability to identify the type of vehicle on the road from space using its super resolution 0.3m imagery capabilities.

SpaceEye-T's capabilities can be beneficial in various fields such as disaster management, environmental issues, climate change, natural resource management, urban planning and police/military applications such as illegal vessel detection.

High-quality radar imaging
High-quality imaging

SpaceEye-T is the latest in a series of very-high resolution optical imaging instruments produced by SI.

Comprehensive monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of land and coastal areas for land management, conservation, and disaster response purposes.

Multispectral data and wide coverage
Multispectral data and wide coverage

Wide swath multispectral data enables large-scale mapping and regional monitoring.

Features and Benefits

  • SpaceEye-T is considered one of the world's highest-performance Earth observation optical satellite.
  • Provides reliable intelligence enabling faster, more accurate responses to changes occurring anywhere on Earth.
  • 6 multispectral bands which are ideal for spectral analysis and machine learning.

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