The Earth Remote Observation System-C (EROS-C) is a high-resolution satellite that provides higher data link rates and image resolution than its predecessor EROS-A and EROS-B and includes the ability for multispectral imagery.

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Technical Specifications

Resolution30cm Panchromatic
60cm Multispectral Resolution
Swath width12.5km
BandsPanchromatic: 450-900nm
4-band: Multispectral (RGB and NIR)
Stereo availableYes

The Earth Remote Observation System-C (EROS-C) launched in December 2022 on the Falcon 9 Full thrust rocket in Vandenberg AFB in the United States. EROS-C satellite, considered one of the most advanced observation satellites in the world, and tasked to capture very high resolution 30cm optical imagery from anywhere around the world with a daily revisit rate.

This satellite serves as the backbone of the EROS NG constellation, enabling defense and intelligence organizations to conduct operations under complete confidentiality and data protection.


Security of data imagery for government and military use.

Very-high resolution imagery for a variety of purposes.

Multispectral data and wide coverage
Multispectral data and wide coverage

High resolution of 0.3m at ground sampling distance.

Frequent revisits with full constellation

Next level revisiting capabilities with up to 15 times per day

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers high-resolution images using its multispectral camera.
  • Key backbone satellite to the full constellation (completion of constellation TBC).
  • Systems serve both the military-defense, government, private intel firm and civilian markets.
  • One of the most advanced multispectral space camera systems available.

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