State-wide digital mosaic for NSW DPIE

Geoimage provided high-resolution satellite imagery and mosaicking to the NSW DPIE, enabling informed decisions and action on environmental and planning matters for the entire state, supporting statutory obligations and sustainable growth.


Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, New South Wales.

Area of interest (AOI)

New South Wales, Australia (including Lord Howe Island)

Capture range

Summer period, annually

Area captured

800,000 sqkm+


SPOT 6/7, Airbus Defence and Space

Services provided

Orthorectification, Pansharpening, Mosaicking


The New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (DPIE) is a government agency responsible for overseeing the state's planning and development processes, protecting the environment and natural resources, and promoting sustainable economic growth and investment.


The DPIE required high-resolution and current imagery of the entire state to support its statutory obligations, enforce legal requirements, and make informed decisions based on an accurate and detailed understanding of the state's natural resources. The challenge was to provide accurate, high-resolution, and up-to-date satellite imagery that would enable the DPIE to take action where necessary.


Geoimage, a leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial solutions, offered its expertise to address the DPIE's challenge. The company enlisted the services of Airbus Defence and Space's SPOT 6/7 satellite constellation to generate the digital mosaic. The SPOT 6/7 constellation has several features that make it ideal for generating large-scale digital mosaics, including high-resolution optical sensor, wide-coverage, frequent revisits, consistent quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Geoimage collected high-resolution satellite imagery from the SPOT 6/7 satellite constellation and processed it to eliminate atmospheric distortions and other artifacts. The processed imagery was then mosaicked to create a seamless, high-resolution digital mosaic of the state of NSW.


Geoimage delivered a state-wide digital mosaic of New South Wales, covering an area of 800,000+ sqkm, using SPOT 6/7 satellite imagery. The DPIE was provided with high-quality, up-to-date imagery that was essential for its multiple government projects, including vegetation monitoring programs and land management compliance. The digital mosaic allowed the DPIE to make informed decisions and act where necessary.

State-wide digital mosaic for NSW DPIE


The successful delivery of the digital mosaic had several benefits for the DPIE. The high-quality imagery enabled the department to identify changes in the environment and natural resources that were otherwise not visible. This allowed the DPIE to take timely and effective action to address potential issues. Additionally, the digital mosaic provided a comprehensive overview of the state's landscape, enabling the DPIE to make informed decisions related to planning, development, and environmental protection.


Geoimage's successful delivery of a state-wide digital mosaic through the utilisation of SPOT 6/7 satellite imagery was a critical achievement. The project demonstrated Geoimage's proficiency in delivering high-quality satellite imagery while showcasing its commitment to providing its clients with the most optimal solutions. The use of the SPOT 6/7 satellite constellation highlights the importance of using advanced technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for government agencies and organisations that require accurate and detailed images of large areas. With over 25 mosaics delivered and spanning over three decades, Geoimage has demonstrated its expertise in delivering state-of-the-art state-wide mosaics.

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