QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads

The Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland (QTMR) needed a detailed digital elevation dataset for a 1km corridor along their transport network for various applications. Geoimage proposed supplying AW3D Level 2 elevation data, a high-resolution Digital Surface Model created from ALOS PRISM data, covering the required areas. This dataset, processed to fit QTMR system requirements, provides a comprehensive view that aids in noise modeling, spatial analysis, and hydraulic modeling, enhancing QTMR planning and decision-making capabilities for Queensland transport infrastructure.


QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads



Area captured

10,618 sq km



Services provided

Processing, DSM, AW3D


The Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland (QTMR) is committed to creating a safe, efficient, and integrated transport system, including road, rail, air, and sea, to support the movement of people, goods, and services.

They actively engage with the community and value their input in decision-making to ensure the impact on people's lives is considered. A fundamental principle is to offer diverse and accessible transport options to all Queenslanders, regardless of their location, to ensure fair access to the transportation network.


QTMR required a comprehensive digital elevation/terrain dataset covering a 1km wide corridor of their road and rail network. The dataset needed to meet specific criteria, including resolution, accuracy, and licensing conditions, to support various applications such as noise modelling, spatial data analysis, and hydraulic modelling.


Geoimage's proposed solution involves the supply of AW3D Level 2 elevation data and contours over the entire extent of the defined corridor. The AW3D Level 2 dataset is a Digital Surface Model (DSM) produced by NTT Data in collaboration with JAXA and RESTEC in Japan. It utilised data collected from the extensive ALOS PRISM archive between 2006 and 2011. The Geoimage technical team used various pre-processing techniques to make sure it was suitable for ingestion into QTMR software and hardware. Geoimage holds an exclusive arrangement with RESTEC to distribute this product in Australia.


The dataset provided by Geoimage comprised a 16-bit GeoTIFF, along with supporting world files, and ASCII gridded data format, both at a 5m resolution. In areas where cloud coverage hinders accurate imagery, NTT Data employs SRTM\GDEM data resampled to 5m (the AW3D Grid) to fill in the missing information. To ensure data quality, Geoimage conducted a thorough Quality Check, supplemented with deficiency correction and error rectification.


By providing the AW3D Level 2 elevation dataset, Geoimage presents a comprehensive and high-quality solution that meets the QTMR's digital elevation data requirements. The accurate, extensive, and compatible dataset empowers QTMR to enhance planning, analysis, and decision-making processes within the Queensland road and rail network corridor.

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