WorldView-4, which was released in 2016, provides imagery for mapping, urban planning, and environmental monitoring. Unfortunately, it ceased operations in 2019.

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Technical Specifications

ProviderMaxar Technologies
ResolutionPanchromatic: 31cm GSD  
Multispectral: 1.24 m GSD
Swath width13.1km at nadir
Accuracy5 m CE90 at nadir
BandsPanchromatic: 450 - 800 nm
Blue: 450 - 510 nm
Green: 510 - 580 nm
Red: 655 - 690 nm
Near infrared: 780 - 920 nm
Stereo availableYes
CoverageApproximately 680,000 km² per day
Altitude617 km


WorldView-4 is a high-resolution Earth observation satellite operated by Maxar Technologies. Launched in 2016, it provides advanced imaging capabilities for a wide range of applications, including mapping, urban planning, environmental monitoring, and disaster response. WorldView-4 offers exceptional image quality, spatial resolution, and coverage, making it an invaluable tool for industries and organisations that require accurate and detailed geospatial information. 

The spacecraft suffered a failure in one of its control moment gyroscopes in January 2019, and operations were unable to be recovered. It re-entered over New Zealand on 30 November 2021.

High-resolution optical imaging
High-resolution optical imaging

Detailed mapping using high-resolution optical imaging for Earth's surface analysis.

Excellent image quality
Excellent image quality

High-quality imagery for accurate analysis and interpretation purposes.

Multispectral data and wide coverage
Multispectral data and wide coverage

Wide swath multispectral data enables large-scale mapping and regional monitoring.

Features and Benefits

  • WorldView-4 provides high-resolution optical imaging data, with a panchromatic resolution of 31 cm and a multispectral resolution of 1.24 m. This allows for detailed analysis and precise mapping of features on the Earth's surface.
  • WorldView-4 offers exceptional image quality, capturing clear and crisp imagery with fine details. This level of image quality is essential for applications that require accurate visual analysis and interpretation. With multispectral bands (Blue, Green, Red, Near-Infrared), WorldView-4 enables the analysis of vegetation, land cover classification, and environmental monitoring. The spectral information helps in understanding ecosystems, identifying changes, and supporting various industries.
  • WorldView-4 has a wide swath width of 13.1 km, allowing for efficient and extensive coverage in a single pass. This is beneficial for large-scale mapping projects, regional monitoring, and disaster response.
  • WorldView-4 has the ability to revisit the same location multiple times within a day, allowing for near real-time monitoring and analysis of dynamic events or rapidly changing conditions on the ground.

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