TripleSat-1, 2 and 3

TripleSat is three advance Earth observation satellites that offer daily imaging capabilities around the world with data dating back to 2016.

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Technical Specifications


At nadir;
80cm panchromatic nadir
3.2m multispectral nadir

25° off-nadir;
1m panchromatic
4m multispectral

Swath width24km
Accuracy< 20m
BandsPanchromatic - 450 to 650nm
Blue - 440nm to 510nm
Green - 510nm to 590nm
Red - 600nm to 670nm
NIR - 760nmto 910nm
Stereo availableYes


The TripleSat satellite constellation, launching together on 10 July 2015, consists of three identical optical earth observation satellites with capabilities to reach a targeted location on Earth at least once per day. With almost 10 years' worth of archive data available and with the addition of daily revisit capabilities, this satellite would suit many business cases.

Cost effective
Cost effective

A great option for low-cost satellite imagery and geospatial data.

Wide swath width
Wide swath width

Multiple Swath widths 24km, allowing for large-area coverage in a single pass.

High-frequency imaging
High-frequency imaging

Daily repeat cycle enables high-frequency large scale area monitoring.


Features and Benefits

  • Acquisition capacity of half million sq. kilometres per day
  • Responsive and effective cloud free image acquisition
  • Daily targeting anywhere with an off pointing < 30 degrees

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