KOMPSAT-6 (Coming soon in 2024)

KOMPSAT-6 (Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite-6) is due to launch in August 2024 is the second Korean SAR Satellite designed and manufactured by the Korean Space Agency (KARI). KOMPSAT-6 provides high resolution imagery required in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), disaster and environment monitoring as well as ocean and land management.

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Technical Specifications

Resolution0.5m High Resolution
1m High Resolution 
3m Standard Mode
20m Wide Swath Resolution at an incidence angle of 45º
Swath width5km
BandsX-band SAR Instrument


KOMPSAT-6 is a Korean satellite due to launch later this year in 2024. Developed by the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) as a follow on from the initial KOMPSAT-5 satellite, the primary objective of KOMPSAT-6 is to provide high resolution radar imagery required in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

KOMPSAT-6 will carry two payloads, one being the XSAR instrument (X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar), a high-resolution all-weather radar imager with an application in mapping, GIS, regarding disaster and environment monitoring with the addition of ocean and land management. The second payload is a S-AIS (Satellite-Automatic Identication System), a maritime wireless system that identifies the position, heading, destination, and cargo of larger vessels for the purpose of preventing collisions between larger vessels and for other applications in maritime traffic management.


High-quality radar imaging
High-quality radar imaging

High-quality radar imaging data, enabling clearer and distinct detail than optical imagery.


Wide swath width
Wide swath width

Multiple Swath widths between 5km and 100km, allowing for large-area coverage in a single pass.


Comprehensive monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of land and coastal areas for land management, conservation, and disaster response purposes.



Features and Benefits

  • KOMPSAT-6 satellite will be a sun-synchronous ground repeat track dawn-dusk with a repeat cycle every 11 days (TBC).


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