25 July, 2023

Introducing Maxar Geospatial Platform Pro: Empowering industries with Earth Intelligence

In today’s data-driven world, access to accurate and timely geospatial information is crucial for industries spanning from Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas to Environmental management. Maxar Geospatial Platform Pro (MGP Pro), the successor to SecureWatch, has emerged as a game-changer in the field of Earth Intelligence, providing unparalleled access to the world’s most advanced geospatial data and insights. In comparison to other market options, MGP Pro stands out with its exceptional value proposition, making it an unquestionably worthwhile choice for consideration. 

Unravelling the power of MGP Pro

MGP Pro empowers users to discover, select, and integrate the highest-quality geospatial data for their projects or products, offering tailor-made solutions to meet even the most demanding challenges. Whether it’s satellite imagery, 3D models, or advanced analytics, MGP Pro has the tools to deliver comprehensive geospatial solutions.

MGP Pro: Earth Intelligence at your fingertips

The premier cloud-based subscription platform, MGP Pro, sets new standards for secure and timely access to Earth Intelligence. With an extensive range of imagery and geospatial data products, MGP Pro provides unmatched coverage, quality, and flexibility. Users gain access to over 3 million square kilometres of daily image collections, along with an astounding archive of over 6 billion square kilometres of imagery at resolutions as high as 30 cm.

Key Features of MGP Pro

  • High-resolution imagery: Over the past 20 years, Maxar has collected the highest-resolution satellite imagery commercially available, boasting resolutions up to 30 cm and derived 15 cm HD imagery.
  • Global coverage: MGP Pro’s data library holds more than 125 petabytes of geospatial data, offering coverage at 50 cm resolution or better worldwide, including global denied areas.
  • Rapid refresh: With more than 3 million square kilometres of new imagery added daily, MGP Pro ensures that users have access to the latest and most relevant data over the areas that matter most.
  • Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM): Stay informed with refresh alerts for your areas of interest, facilitating efficient and proactive decision-making.
  • Versatility and applications: Whether it’s supporting mapping, asset monitoring, change detection, disaster response, or other geospatial projects, MGP Pro delivers the best value with its wide range of applications.

How does MGP Pro stack up against the competition?

MGP Pro’s pricing stands out as significantly less expensive when compared to recent price increases seen in other solutions. Moreover, Maxar’s WorldView Legion is set to launch six additional satellites by the end of this year, increasing their satellite cadence and allowing them to offer their services over the long term at a more affordable price.

When compared to aerial alternatives, using MGP Pro has the distinct advantage of not requiring mobilisation efforts because the satellites are already operational in space. Customers will have easier and quicker access to data as a result of this efficiency.

Furthermore, when it comes to resolution and accuracy, Maxar’s constellations outperform most other commercial satellites available. Coupled with an extensive imagery library spanning over two decades, users gain powerful historical analysis capabilities that can enrich their insights.

Additionally, opting for MGP Pro grants subscribers the advantage of unrestricted access to data, as there are no usage restrictions or limited metadata hindering their utilisation. This level of access enhances the overall experience and utility of the service, making it an even more attractive option for potential customers.

Coverage in Australia

MGP Pro offers regular captures over major cities in Australia and more frequent captures over regional areas, ensuring broad and extensive coverage. Additionally, MGP Pro provides multiple data resolutions (15cm HD, 30cm, and 50cm) to accommodate various requirements, enabling precise and detailed observations in urban regions, as well as larger-scale mapping and regional assessments. With such a comprehensive and adaptable satellite imagery solution, MGP Pro proves to be an excellent alternative for clients in need of up-to-date and high-quality data in Australia.

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