07 March, 2022

The role of satellite imagery in infrastructure development

Satellite imagery is a tool that collects visual data for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This data is used to foster valuable insights for specific projects and infrastructure builds. Though this is most commonly used in GPS, the applications are plentiful. As satellite imagery becomes more refined, its potential for use in complex and sophisticated infrastructure projects continues to rise. By working with Geoimage, you’ll ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve with industry-leading GIS technology.

With access to cutting-edge satellite image technology, businesses are able to collect and analyse visual data to ensure that all infrastructure-related challenges are simplified. We provide comprehensive information so that you and your business can effectively plot all aspects of a project to streamline the entire process.


Before any infrastructure work is greenlit, careful planning must take place. To gain complete planning oversight on a project, satellite imagery is used to plot out the surrounding environment and oversee the project’s full development. This way, it is much easier to account for potential delays and plan asset management accordingly.

Internet access

Satellite imagery plays an integral role in the acceleration of affordable internet access around the world. Georeferenced aerial imagery can be used to map out population distribution for effective and targeted internet access plans. The main role of this type of satellite imagery is to use the data gained from images of earth from space to focus on rural areas so that internet access is maximised and distributed equally.

Asset monitoring

Georeferenced aerial imagery can be used to monitor the condition of any infrastructure assets effectively remotely. Organisations can use this visual data to pinpoint areas that are at risk of damage or degradation. This is invaluable during development, as progress can be monitored, and the condition of all equipment can be easily accounted for.

Environmental mapping

It is essential to determine potential environmental impacts when implementing an infrastructure project. Images of earth from space allow organisations to determine the precise environmental reach of their given works. As this is a crucial part of any build that must be undertaken, it is best to use satellite imagery as an ancillary means of assessment.

Risk management

The potential for risk spreads further than just the environment. To ensure that a site is safe to work on, it must be carefully vetted with relevant regulatory safety assurances. This process is helped immensely through satellite imagery, as the detailed visual data provided gives a birds-eye view of the landscape. With sophisticated GIS technology, you’ll be able to effectively monitor surface movements to predict pain points and mitigate general risk.

Continued development

When you’re seeking out locations for future development plans, satellite imagery is invaluable in the scouting process. Analysing proposed sites is easier than ever with the help of georeferenced aerial imagery. Access to satellite imagery is essential if you’re looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the scouting phase.

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