07 September, 2020

Explore your monitoring and compliance options with groundWATCH

Geoimage’s groundWATCH enables asset owners and managers to improve project governance and control - from site operations through to the executive level. 

groundWATCH is a secure web-based visualisation app on an enterprise GIS platform that enables users to interact with raster and vector data in an intuitive manner. We describe it as a web-hosted interactive dashboard. groundWATCH delivers operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and reduced risks. It also delivers greater accountability across project/asset monitoring and compliance functions. By combining the latest remote sensing technologies (predominately satellite imagery and data) with the latest spatial software platforms and the power of IOT (Internet Of Things), groundWATCH provides universal connectivity to a trusted single source. 

The below diagram demonstrates some of the interactive features that groundWATCH offers:

Diagram demonstrates some of the interactive features that groundWATCH offers
  1. Individual Clearance Area (ha)
  2. Aggregated Clearance Area (ha)
  3. Clearance Area by Epoch (ha)
  4. Before and after sliding tool

How does groundWATCH work?

The dashboard ingests spatial imagery and data sets from multiple sources and formats. These are processed and analysed with a combination of proprietary software systems and Geoimage’s in-house developed algorithms. The results are amalgamated and displayed in various interactive graphs and charts along with the associated imagery. As the user interrogates the defined parameters on screen, all associated graphs, charts and imagery responds and refreshes in real time. 

groundWATCH dashboards can be custom built to client specific needs and can be applied to numerous industry sectors and use cases. It is particularly valuable for monitoring assets and projects in regional and remote locations spanning large areas. There are no area limits on this system. 

To find out more about groundWATCH and how it can work for your business, call the Geoimage Sales Team on +61 7 3319 4990 or email sales@geoimage.com.au.

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